Sunday, February 14, 2016

Student Laws

Recently my students completed a project in which they had to create their own imaginary worlds. One part of the project involved writing a list of laws that must be followed in their world. Here are a few that I thought were particularly interesting (edited in some cases for spelling and clarity).

If you are a boy and you go in the city, you will go to prison for one week.

Whoever throws trash on the ground will get one of their hands burned off.

No stealing. If you do, you'll have to return the stolen goods, then face two months in prison. After that, you'll become the apprentice of the person you stole from for six months.

Every kid age twelve and up must go to war.

People who ask for peace shall be killed.

If a person hurts or provokes someone, they have to pay them with a chocolate bar.

If a person is shipping something, it must be delivered within two weeks, or the company/person that sent it will be fined a chocolate bar.

For dessert, everyone must have candy/chocolate/ice cream, or they will be sent to the court and have to eat a whole bowl of ice cream in front of the whole court, but they have to eat it upside-down.

Please clean up after your pet or yourself, otherwise you will have to do ten pushups.

No going out in winter, or you will have natural consequences.

You are not able to keep an island if you find one. You have to ask the king first. If it is broken you are banned from the island and you will be banned from sailing too.

A person can only have ten cheetahs at most.

You are not allowed to make someone get upset on purpose. If you do, you will need to go apologize to them and they can decide what they want to do with you. They are not allowed to do something that can hurt you.

Do not use up all the resources. Otherwise, you will be forced to give the resources back.

Any pig that leaves shall not return until they have done what they set off to do. If they do not do what they set off to do they shall not be let back into the planet until they complete what they set off to do.

Dress up properly to show dignity and respect for self. If not, you may not enter.

Everyone must learn at least two languages.

You must be able to shoot a three-pointer, or you can't live here.

No killing animals for no reasons, or you'll be hanged upside-down for three days.

In order to become a council member, you must know how to hunt, fight, fish, cook, read, write, know battle plans, never been in the dungeon, and graduate from Crystal River Technical College.

I've had my classes do this project for several years in a row now.  Click on the links below to read some of the interesting laws created by my students in previous years:

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