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Email: AnnieDouglassLima(at)gmail(dot)com

Snail Mail Addresses:

136-1 Shui Nan Road
Taichung 40679
Taiwan, ROC

(Note: I live in Taiwan for most of the year and have access to mail at the above address regularly, except during some summers. Any mail sent to this address when I'm gone will be saved for me until my return.)

19905 Avenue of the Oaks
Newhall, CA 91321

(Note: I don't live at the above address except during some summers. Any mail sent to this address during the school year will be forwarded or saved for me to pick up in June or July.)



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Who am I?

In no particular order, I am...

a wife

My husband Floyd and I celebrated our tenth anniversary
in September, 2012.
 a sister

Okay, so I'm a Star Wars fan too - my siblings and I all are!

a daughter

I'm afraid this picture is a few years (well, decades) out of date.
I couldn't find a current one that showed just me and both my parents!

a proud auntie

I love my adorable niece and nephew!

a writer

My first book - what a thrill to hold it in paperback
for the first time!
It was still pretty exciting the second time!

a 5th grade teacher

This was on a field trip with one of the classes I've taught at Morrison Academy in Taiwan.
a Christian

I didn't have a picture of my own to represent this, so I had to find one online.

a TCK (third culture kid)

Yes, I grew up in Kenya.  No, these huts were not where my family lived.

A Brief Biography:

I was born in the United States of America but raised mostly in Kenya, which was my home for 14 years.  Upon returning to the US, I attended Biola University in Southern California, where I majored in elementary education with an emphasis on Intercultural Studies.  Shortly after graduating, I accepted a position as a teacher in a one-room schoolhouse in Papua, Indonesia (a country where I had long dreamed of living).  The job lasted for a year, and not long after my return, I married my wonderful husband Floyd, who I'd met at college.  The two of us lived and worked in California for nearly five years, but when we felt the time was right, it was a joy to move overseas and start a new life in Taiwan.  We return to America most summers, but otherwise, we've lived in Taiwan for twelve wonderful years (and counting).  I love my job teaching fifth grade at Morrison Academy in the city of Taichung.

A few of my blog posts about interesting aspects of life in Taiwan:

What About my Writing?

I've always loved writing.  Reading and writing were my favorite subjects in school, and I was seven years old when I decided I was going to be an author.  My first novel (an untitled piece of Christian science fiction) was as ridiculous as you'd expect from a seven-year-old, and it's probably a good thing I never finished it.  But it got me excited about the idea of writing a book, and I can't remember a time after that when I wasn't working on some novel or other.

I was a college student when I woke up one morning after having an interesting dream and thought, That would make a great story.  I should write it down!  I did, and it turned into the first draft of what is now Prince of Alasia.  I set the manuscript aside and forgot about it for a few years, but later I brought it out again, revised it, added details, and turned the short story into a novel.  It was a dream come true when it was finally (after eleven and a half years and a lot of hard work) published as an ebook and later a paperback.

Then came more books in the Annals of Alasia series, along with a sports-and-slavery-themed alternate reality series called the Krillonian Chronicles. In between, I published six different anthologies of my students' poetry from six separate years, and wrote a science fiction novel, Heartsong. Two of my most recent projects involve an adult coloring book featuring verses from the Bible, and another one that is also a 2019 calendar.

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