A Boom in the Room

       From naughty children to Navy SEALS, gooey bacteria to Greek triremes, crunchy cars to annoying alarm clocks, these poems are filled with imagination and fun. Experience the excitement of world travel, from the sounds and smells of a Korean winter to an outdoor scene in Soltau, Germany, pausing along the way to explore the wilderness of Africa and take in a Texan rodeo. Ready for a break? Sit down and watch a soccer game, listen to the forest orchestra, or dig up some worms and go fishing. When you get hungry, stop by the noodle shop across the street and then catch one of those falling pies for dessert. Just remember to watch out for playful dragons, sharp sharks, and thieving monkeys!

       Created by fifth grade students, A Boom in the Room features poetry in a variety of styles, from free verse to tanka and haiku. Proceeds from the sale of this anthology will benefit Watoto Childcare Ministries, a nonprofit organization that provides food, medical care, and education to needy children and their families in East Africa.  Learn more at www.watoto.com.

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