Sunshine Leaking

     In the mood for adventure?  Step inside these pages and experience crazy coasters and soaring stunt planes, a terrifying tsunami and an atomic bomb.  You’ll meet characters ranging from heroic Jedi to monsters of all varieties; sprinting soccer stars to a malicious doctor who eats his patient (who happens to be a chicken).  Join us for a trip around the world: listen to nature singing in harmony in the peaceful countryside of Ostfriesland, Germany; run barefoot across a beach in Busan, Korea; dodge the noisy traffic of a street in Vietnam; sample a soft pineapple mooncake in Hsinchu, Taiwan; and wrap yourself in the dangers and charms of New York City.  Prepare to mourn the tragic deaths of a lovely butterfly and a lonely wolf; then console yourself with music as relaxing as blankets and comforting as pillows.  Along the way, watch out for wayward Frisbees and the sun about to crash into the earth.  Hold your breath as you’re blasted with ash from that erupting volcano and sprayed with the seeds of an evil tomato.  But who needs a shower when you have liquid sunshine leaking over you?

     Created by fifth-grade students, Sunshine Leaking features poetry in a variety of styles, from free verse to diamond poetry, tanka, and haiku.  Proceeds from the sale of this anthology will benefit Josie’s Angels, a nonprofit organization that provides food, education, and a secure living environment for impoverished, abused, and at-risk girls in the Philippines.  Learn more at

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