Saturday, February 21, 2015

Laws of the Land

My 5th grade students have just completed a project where they each had to create their own imaginary world.  In addition to writing its history, designing a map and a flag, coming up with a national animal and plant, and completing a few other items of their choice, they all had to write a list of the laws that must be followed in their world.  This is always my favorite section to grade!  Most students had the usual basics, like "don't murder," "don't steal," etc.  But some of their laws were unusual and surprising.  Here are some of my favorites (edited in a few cases for grammar and clarity).  Which one is your favorite?

No broccoli is allowed.

Bounce on your bed before you go to sleep.

All who steal will be squished flat.

You must eat dessert for lunch.

Do not lie to others or else you will have to be the person's servant for a month.

Every kid must have one sport that he or she is very good at.

No one should kill or whip anyone.

Only eat synthetic meat.

Everyone must have at least one dog or other pet.

You may not have more than three wives.

Do not eat more than three packs of chips in a day.

No hunting dragons without permission.

No driving out of your lane.

Everyone must know how to read English and Chinese.

Everyone must know how to play a musical instrument.

Do not make friends with the mean people.

Breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner all must be only junk food.  If you want to eat something other than junk food, like chicken, steak, sushi, etc. you must fry it so it will still be counted as junk food.  (Fried vegetables still don't count.  Any form of vegetable is banned from this island.)

No hanging inappropriate billboards.

You must build three power plants in your yard.

Boys have to do the dishes and take out the trash, or else they'll be required to clean up the whole state as long as they live.

You must eat at least ten pieces of candy (any size) per day.

Monsters are allowed to attack each other if they decide they need to.

Celebrate the birth of the nation on July 7th.  If you don't, you'll become a dish in the feast!

You must not eat the snow.

Citizens who are caught acting too happy will be put to death.

Drink coffee five times a day, or you'll be drowned in Dark Coffee Lake.

Make money yourself, no begging for it.  Otherwise you'll have to stay at the police station for 1-3 days.

Play soccer after school on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, or you'll be kicked by cleats in the legs five times.

No wars if the government didn't say so.

Everyone should have mercy on someone.

I've had my classes do this project for several years in a row now.  Click on the links below to read some of the interesting laws created by my students in other years:

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Rion said...

I think I would be a little scared to live in a world with those laws. lol!