Saturday, October 10, 2015

Paid Promo Sites for Free Books

I compiled this list as a resource for authors looking for places to advertise their free ebooks online.

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In some cases, as you can see, I've made notes about certain useful-to-know details. If you have additional information about any of these sites, feel free to share it in the comments. It would also be great to hear if you have tried any of them, and how they have worked for you.

Please let me know if you find any broken links or outdated info, or if you know of any paid promo sites for free books that I have not listed. I will try to maintain this list and keep it as thorough and accurate as possible!


Vikki Kestell said...

Posting results of two (free book promotion) ads this week, Book Gorilla ($50) and eBook Soda ($21).

Book Gorilla generated 600 downloads, way too pricy for just 600. eBook Soda had NO marked impact on downloads, even though I also bought their FB promo.


Unknown said...

Could we be added to your list? Our book ads are $5 at Fire and Ice Book Promos and we promote all genres!

Annie Douglass Lima said...

Thanks, Shelly! I've added your site here and also on my "discounted books for a fee" list (link at the top of this page). :-)