Thursday, November 26, 2020

Love and Memory: a New Fantasy Novel by Kendra E Ardnek

Release Date: April 19th, 2021 

So, this book features a few new characters,
including Princess Sorei of Korya,
who’s a bit on the awesome side.
This was one of the first images I pinned for her.

Book Description:

The Rizkaland Legends #3

When a Queen forgets,

Her enemies rejoice in her weakness.

But when the Queen remembers,

They tremble in fear.

When a King loves,

His country rejoices with him.

But when that love is broken.

The land is broken, too.

Can Water and Fire join again?

Can Love and Memory be restored?

They spent years in Rizkaland. They ruled the land, forged friendships, built families, and made it their home. But then it was time to return to Earth, and their former lives just don’t fit anymore. Clara and Andrew struggle to reevaluate their priorities when hundreds of miles separate them. Reuben and Petra are lost as they seek a balance between their old friendship and their Rizkan marriage. And Ashna and Noraeto never planned to return, so what live is there for them on Earth?

When the unthinkable happens and a new enemy arises, they’re all thrown back into Rizkaland, into a young prince’s rise to power and struggle to build alliances for his kingdom. But they no longer belong in their other world, either.

Are good memories too much to bear?


“Why do we need each other so much?” she growled.

He narrowed his eyes, the tone in her voice not sitting well with him.

“I’m not talking about the mental link making it painful for us to be apart,” she continued before he could answer. “Or, at least, it’s not all that I’m talking about. Reuben, we’ve been joined at the hip since the day I was born. We have never spent a day apart that we could help – except that one year. And, even when we are apart, we still revolve around each other. People don’t say ‘Petra’ or ‘Reuben.’ It’s ‘Petra and Reuben.’ Even we think that way. Who’s Petra? Who’s Reuben? There isn’t one of us without the other. Is that even healthy?”

Reuben quickly stood, skirted around the bed to where Petra stood, and caught her by the waist. She melted into him automatically.

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Author Bio:

Kendra E. Ardnek is the self-proclaimed Arista of Fairy Tales. She lives in the Piney Woods of East Texas with her dragon babies and massive herd of mini-giraffes, and she is still waiting for one of of her fifty nutcrackers to come to life and marry her. When not writing, you can usually find her sitting in a random box, and she's frequently known to act before she thinks. Find her online at: Website || Blog || Goodreads || Facebook || Twitter || YouTube || Newsletter || Instagram || TikTok || Amazon

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Sarah P said...

Given that snippet . . . I wonder how Petra would feel about the fact that she and Reuben have a ship name?

Faith Anderson said...

I love this new cover! It matches the rest of the series so well! Ooo a new character.

Kendra E. Ardnek said...

@Sarah She knows about "Reutra." She doesn't like it, but she tolerates it as I explained to her that it's a writing mechanic I use to refer to her relationship. Also, the fact that most of my other couples also have a ship name makes her feel better?

But most of my relationship with Petra is her just tolerating my antics, so ... idk?