Thursday, February 11, 2016

Myanmar/Vietnam Vacation: Vietnam (Ha Long Bay)

Floyd and I enjoyed a wonderful vacation in Myanmar and Vietnam over Christmas break! Scroll to the bottom for links to blog posts about other parts of the trip.
Here are some of our memories from a two-day cruise we took around Vietnam's incredibly beautiful Ha Long Bay.

The center picture in the above collage shows our little cruise ship; the others show the scenery around Ha Long Bay. This gorgeous area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
One of the cruise activities involved visiting a "pearl farm", where we learned about how oysters are raised to produce pearls.

Our tour guide shows us the dangling nets where other oysters live while they're young.

Young oysters live in baskets and on nets hanging from these beams. When they're older, they're taken out to the open water area in the background.
Here our guide explains part of the pearl production process.

Looking for pearls in an open oyster. This one does have a pearl! See it?
Another activity on our cruise in Ha Long Bay was learning to make spring rolls. Here's the finished product, cooked and ready to eat. They were delicious!

Some footage from our cruise. Ha Long Bay is such a beautiful place!

Want to see more memories from our trip? Click on the links below!

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Unknown said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Love those rock formations.