Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Myanmar/Vietnam Vacation: Mandalay's Ubein Bridge

Floyd and I enjoyed a wonderful vacation in Myanmar and Vietnam over Christmas break! Scroll to the bottom for links to blog posts about other parts of the trip.

Here are some of our memories from an evening at Myanmar's famous Ubein Bridge. This is the oldest and longest teakwood bridge in the world. The area is famous for its gorgeous sunrises and sunsets. There are also plenty of venders and souvenir sellers ready to cater to tourists.

Long before dusk, the serious photographers got into position to prepare for the sunset.
Locals fishing near the bridge.

One of several areas selling food and drink just below the bridge.

Some of the snacks for sale.
More snacks.

I enjoyed watching a farmer plowing his field with a team of oxen before heading home for the evening.

I was hungry, and this looked like the best snack option there. The little deep-fried and breaded fishies were actually really tasty, especially when dipped in the spicy sauce.
Sunset at last!

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