Friday, January 22, 2016

Myanmar/Vietnam Vacation: Inle Lake (A Day on the Lake)

Floyd and I enjoyed a wonderful vacation in Myanmar and Vietnam over Christmas break! Scroll to the bottom for links to blog posts about other parts of the trip.

Here are some of our memories from a day of boating around on Myanmar's fascinating Inle Lake.

Lots of people (men, women, and children) in Myanmar paint their faces with the white powdery substance the man on the right is wearing. Apparently it's a cosmetic that functions as natural sunblock.
Fishermen at dawn. We were amazed at how they were able to use their feet to both row their boats and manipulate their nets.

This brief video shows foot-rowing fishermen in action.

My favorite part of the boat ride (and one of my favorite parts of the entire vacation) was seeing villages where the buildings were built right on the water. It was just amazing!

Join us for a video tour of one of the villages on the water!

This house was under construction. When we went by again in the other direction a couple of hours later, most of the roof had been put on already.

Most of the buildings on the water had electricity. This is how it gets to them.

Another interesting thing we saw was these famous "floating gardens". Crops such as tomatoes are grown right on the surface of the lake!

Our guide let us off the boat for a while in this little town. As you can see, every other boatful of tourists stopped there, too!
It was an interesting little area.

We walked through an open-air market.

I wished I could try some of the local produce!

These looked delicious! I especially wanted one of those samosas.

No idea what these are.

The lady gave us each a free sample of these. Delicious! (But we had no idea what they were.)

We were told that these women were all from a particular tribe, as evidenced by their traditional head gear.

More local delicacies.

Heading home with goods from the market.

A blacksmith at work in the market area by the lake. It was really interesting to watch the whole process.

We hiked up a long walkway for a close view of these old temples.

There were a lot of them up at the top.

After spending the entire day on and around Inle lake, we finally headed back as dusk fell. It was a wonderful day!

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