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Sweet Mountain Rancher: a Contemporary Romance with a Giveaway

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Sweet Mountain Rancher (Those Marshall Boys, #2)Sweet Mountain Rancher
(Those Marshal Boys, #2)
by Loree Lough
Adult Contemporary Romance
Paperback & ebook, 385 pages (large print)
September 1st 2015 by Harlequin Heartwarming


Nate Marshall used to be a yes-man... until being so agreeable cost him dearly. But Eden Quinn has a way of getting him to reconsider his "just say no" policy. Which is how a bunch of troubled teens end up at his ranch for the weekend. Nate can't help but be attracted to the woman who keeps them in line.

This cowboy knows Eden's no damsel in distress, yet hers isn't a one-woman job. If she must do everything on her own, how can he help her... let alone get her to fall for him?

The First Book in the Series

Once a Marine

Yes, it's true: Once upon a time, best-selling author Loree Lough (literally) sang for her supper, performing before packed audiences throughout the U.S. Now and then, she blows the dust from her 6-string to croon a tune or two for the "grandorables," but mostly, she just writes. (And writes.) Over the years, her stories have earned nearly 100 industry and "Readers' Choice" awards, 7 movie options, and over 80 4- and 5-star reviews.

There are more than 5,000,000 (yes, that's FIVE MILLION) copies of Loree's books in circulation, and in September of 2015, she'll have 108 books (fiction and non-fiction for kids and adults) 72 short stories, 2,500+ articles in print. To date, she has received 50,000+ letters from fans (a carton of books goes to Meredith P. in Joliet, IL -- which she has elected to donate to her local library --for writing the 50,000th letter)!

Loree loves sharing learned-the-hard-way lessons about the craft and the industry, and her comedic approach makes her a favorite (and frequent) guest of writers' organizations, book clubs, private and government institutions, college and high school writing programs both here and abroad.

A writer who believes in "giving back," Loree dedicates a portion of her income to Soldiers' Angels, Special Operations Warrior Foundation, and other worthwhile organizations.

She splits her time between her home in the Baltimore suburbs and a cabin in the Allegheny Mountains, and shares both with her real-life hero Larry, who rarely complains, even when she adds yet another item to her vast collection of lighthouses, wind chimes, and "wolf stuff."

Have you ever wondered how freelance writers make a living? By writing to-the-point articles, turning them in on time…and learning how to resell what they’ve submitted, that’s how. Below, a peek at the method I used to rack up more than 2,500 articles under my byline:
How to Sell and Resell (by Loree Lough)
Be informed…
  1. …by learning as much about the publications you'll contact before you query them.
  2. …by reading masthead so you're sure to direct your query to the appropriate editor. (NOTE: Don't count on Writer’s Market!)
  3. …to make sure you know who reads the publications.
  4. …to make sure the publications' audiences are different.
Be specific…
  1. …and never write a query that's longer than one page.
  2. …by providing a clear overview of what you'll write about.
  3. …and let the editor know you understand the publication's rules by mentioning the proposed article length.
  4. …and name the department(s) your article best fits.
Be persuasive…
  1. …by including writing samples and/or credentials that highlight your skills and the reason you're qualified to write the proposed article.
  2. …by providing a short list of other publications where your work has appeared.
  3. …by listing potential sources you'll interview.
Be prompt…
  1. …when an editor shows interest in your article, reply as quickly as possible.
  2. …nail down the deadline, amount you'll be paid, and approximate print date.
  3. …submit the article on time with a cover letter (see below).
Sample Query…

Your Name
Home address

Publication Name
Editor's name
Publication Address

Re: Proposed article "Vet Turns Dreams into Reality"

Dear Editor's Name (Do not precede with Mr./Ms.)

Young Blaize McCrandall's life changed forever one summer day, when he found a barely-alive rabbit on the side of the road. Gently swaddling the wounded creature in his t-shirt, Blaize carried it home, where his dad explained why the animal would have been better off right where Blaize had found it. The teary-eyed eight year old convinced his dad to let him at least try to save it. Convinced the local vet to donate tiny splints and antibiotics…and how-to-use them advice, too. And after a month of tedious, round-the-clock care that cost Blaize baseball games, movies with his pals, and field trips to the zoo, the time came to turn Whiskers loose. "Would you believe," he recalls with a grin, "the ungrateful thing bit me before he hopped away, never to be seen again?"

I'd like to propose a 1,000 word story for your "Right Here In Town" about how Blaize McCrandall—son of a disabled Vietnam vet and an alcoholic Avon lady—turned his dream of becoming a veterinarian into reality….

By dint of drive and determination, Blaize worked construction, waited tables, dog-sat, and performed janitorial duties (and more) to earn his degree, then put hard-earned skill to use, building the clinic where he still practices veterinary medicine.

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