Thursday, October 11, 2007

Playing Tourist in Taipei, Part 3 (National Museum of History, Botanical Garden, National Palace Museum)

On our Taipei vacation, Floyd and I enjoyed a visit to the National Museum of History, which is really an art museum.

Behind the museum was the beautiful Taipei Botanical Garden.  Unfortunately, there had been a typhoon not long before we got there, and it had left the garden looking a little less than its best.

All the things you can't do in the garden.  Consider yourself warned!

Next we paid a visit to the National Palace Museum.  This is by far the biggest and best art museum either of us had ever seen anywhere in the world, featuring some truly astounding works of Chinese art.  (Good thing we'd gone to the other museum first, otherwise it would have been quite a let-down after this!)

Since photography isn't allowed indoors, we contented ourselves with taking pictures of the grounds.  Not nearly as impressive as the exhibits inside, but still pretty!

Next up: Taipei 101!

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