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4 YA Romance Novels with a Giveaway!

On Tour with Prism Book Tours

Book Tour Grand Finale for

We hope you enjoyed the tour! If you missed any of the books featured, you
will find snippets, as well as the link to each full post, and the giveaway below:

February 11th: Launch

February 12th: Maggie Dallen - Love at First Fight - Excerpt

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Snippet from an excerpt from Love at First Fight (find the full post here):

When I met her gaze again she had her lips pressed together and her eyes were still narrowed but this time I got the sense that she was actively trying not to laugh.

As if she could read my mind she arched her brows and shook her head. “Nope. Not gonna happen. You might be able to fool everyone else in this school into thinking you’re some sort of white-hat-wearing hero but you cannot charm me, Jason Connolly.”

I let out a little snort of amusement at that description. “White hat, huh? I always thought I had more of a knight-in-shining-armor vibe going on.”

February 13th: Robin Daniels - Perfectly You - Excerpt

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Snippet from an excerpt from Perfectly You (find the full post here):

For a moment, I forgot what I was doing and leaned into him. Wow, he smelled unbelievably good. Like soap and dryer sheets and something a little sharper that I couldn't identify. I needed to ask him what cologne he wore, because it was incredible. I could smell him all day. Not to mention that his chest was a lot firmer than one would guess, since he hides it under baggy button-down shirts all the time.

Andy cleared his throat and I pulled away. He looked embarrassed again. He really needed to get over that, and I was going to help him, starting right now. "Sorry." I grinned. "You smell amazing. Your cologne is yummy enough to eat. I could sit here and sniff you for the rest of the class."

He choked on his spit and quickly put his fist over his mouth to stifle his laughter. "Please don't." He was trying to sound horrified, but his face gave him away. He appreciated the compliment.

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Snippet from an excerpt from Secret Girlfriend (find the full post here):

Seven lockers down Chris Kent was making out with Cheryl, the way-too-perky head cheerleader.

I tried not to stare, but when his hand slid past her waist and over her hip, I slammed my locker shut and stormed off in the opposite direction. Not that anyone noticed. The problem? Not only was I that gorgeous jock’s secret girlfriend—I also had a secret power.

I’m invisible.

Okay, not invisible invisible. But, in the not-so-mythical land of Highschoolia where blending in equals obscurity, I rated a negative seven JD on the Jane Doe to Lindsay Lohan Visibility Scale. I’d have been the first to tell you I didn’t mind. Well, typically.

February 15th: Kayla Tirrell - Courtside Crush - Guest Post

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Snippet from the fun facts guest post (find the full post here):

Courtside Crush is a Romeo and Juliet retelling, which means I drew heavily on the play for inspiration. 

Here are some fun facts about this new release:

—The prologue is a quote straight from Romeo and Juliet that was tweaked ever so slightly to make it fit the high school where Courtside Crush takes place. 

“Two teams, both alike in dignity
In fair Marlow Junction, where we lay our scene
From basketball grudge to new mutiny
Where rival love makes rival schools unclean”
-Probably not Shakespeare

Tour Giveaway

- 1 winner will receive a $15 Amazon eGift Card (open internationally)
- 1 winner will receive a paperback copy of LOVE AT FIRST FIGHT by Maggie Dallen (US only)
- 1 winner will receive a signed paperback copy of PERFECTLY YOU by Robin Daniels (US only)
- 1 winner will receive copies of SECRET GIRLFRIEND & SECRET LIFE by Bria Quinlan (if in the US: choice between the 2 paperbacks or the ebundle, if outside the US, the ebundle)

Ends February 20, 2019

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