Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Literary Book Gifts: Fun Gifts for Readers and Writers (with a discount code)!

Literary Book Gifts is a brand new start up company that puts book covers on shirts and tote bags. There are even tank tops and hoodies for those who prefer them or are perhaps located in hotter or cooler climates.

I will talk about a couple of the designs in the collection. Each design is available on every type of product.
Typewriter T-Shirt Many readers are also writers. I myself, am not one, but hopefully one day I will be! This shirt depicts a vintage typewriter, a throwback to times before LCD screens and monitors. I love looking at vintage items because they can show us how far society has come in so few years.

What makes the shirts at Literary Book Gifts special is the massive variety of sizes and colors available. Men’s shirts come in sizes small to five extra large. Women’s shirts are in sizes extra small to three extra large. The typewriter shirt in particular comes in fourteen different colors. For designs in which the graphic print is in a lighter color such as the case of the Frankenstein T-Shirt there are an entirely different selection of color options available. This means that one can really personalize the shirt to their taste. Each and every piece is very unique, two people with the same design tastes could have completely different wardrobes of clothing.

Edgar Allan Poe Tote Bag Poe has always been a favorite author and poet for many. He has so many works such as The Raven and The Tell-Tale Heart I wanted to create a design that any Poe lover could appreciate. This graphic is his iconic raven perched on a skull, and the skull on a large old looking book. Combining both a gothic theme while alluding to Poe as a writer, this tote bag would make an excellent gift for any horror fan. Situated on a deep cardinal red background, the white print of the ‘Edgar Allan Poe’, skull, and book stand out in high contrast. The dark raven is visible but not as much, as if slightly hidden in the shadows.

Every tote bag is made of a strong polyester material and is available in three distinct sizes. The smallest size can be used perhaps as a lunch tote or purse, while the medium option is what one would more commonly think a standard sized tote bag may be. The large size is great for carrying around all your library books, paperbacks, and magazines. There is a size measurement chart next to each and every product listing so you can make absolutely sure you select the correct size.
Thank you so much for reading about my products!

ANNIEDOUGLASSLIMA20 is a discount code that will work for 20% at Literary Book Gifts, choose from anything in the store, and use it as many times as you like. It won’t expire.

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