Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Under the Broken Sky: a Paranormal Adventure by Angela Carling

Hi All! Thanks for stopping by to hear my big announcement. The final book in the uniquely paranormal Secret Keeper Series is out and available for purchase! Today, we're taking a peek at a deleted scene from the newly released, Under The Broken Sky! Fun!!

But first, here's the cover and blurb for Under The Broken Sky!

  If this is your first time hearing about the Secret Keeper Series, I'm excited to tell you that for a limited time, you can pick up the award-winning first book in the series for FREE!

Here are the links to grab your FREE COPY!
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Already a fan of the series? You'll love several new characters that are introduced in Under The Broken Sky and a finish to Winter and Liam's story that rivals the intensity of the first three books, Belakane, The Secret Keeper, and In The Dying Light. So go grab your copy now and find out what happens!
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Now, onto the deleted scene. Enjoy!

From the small wooden dock Agni saw the rubble that was once his home. Huge wood beams were reduced to splinters and furniture he’d built by hand sat in broken pieces strewn along the forest’s edge. Seeing the total destruction of his handiwork made his throat tight and his mouth miserably dry. He smacked his lips in a futile attempt to create moisture. Little came.  
“Tie off the boat.” Agni said handing a wad of rope to Winter before looking back at the island. She also gawked, mouth hanging open in direction of the debris littered beach.

Behind him, Winter and Liam debated the best way to tie a proper knot, but Agni couldn't think of anything but the damaged shoreline where he’d lived for ten years.   

Bela’s destruction left a pit in Agni’s gut.  Securing the boat may not matter in the end. Belakane’s total annihilation of their island cottage let Agni know she was livid, even more furious than he could’ve imagined. He and his companions would be lucky to leave the island alive. Angry waves already licked the side of the boat, more violent than when they’d arrived, and the blue sky was quickly disappearing behind the purplish black clouds stirred up by Belakane’s magic.  

Agni walked to the front of the rocking vessel.    
“Stay on the dock. I want to look around for a minute.” Agni said without looking back at Winter and Liam.
Now that they'd arrived, Agni felt the full weight of his responsibility. Only he could save them from Bela’s wrath, and based on the burgeoning storm, the enchantress was ready for a fight.

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