Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Orchid Nursery, Thailand

An Orchid Nursery was the third stop in the tour package on my trip to Thailand.

Dozens of varieties of orchids are grown there.

These blooms are sold in Thailand and exported around the world.

There was no officially organized tour, but we were free to wander around the facility and admire the flowers.

I was impressed by the wide range of colors and varieties.

I have to admit, however, that although the flowers were gorgeous, it was hard to get too excited about them right after lying down on a tiger!

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Unknown said...

Dear Annie
When you look at that creamish, yellowish orchard it looks as if there is a little baby in its middle!
Blessings XX

Ceil said...

Hi Annie! Nice to meet you today!

These photos are just gorgeous. I guess you have had so many amazing experiences, it's hard to know what is more impressive. I guess a tiger is a 'stand out.'

What a wonderful opportunity for you to take advantage of, and to share too.

Happy Wednesday!