Saturday, September 22, 2007

An Exciting (?) Visit to a Taiwanese Sheep Farm

Recently I had the opportunity to visit a sheep farm up in the mountains with some friends. It was a funny cultural experience for me!

Chingjing Farm (also spelled Qingjing, Cingjing, or Chingling) is a green, hilly ranch with paved walkways for people to stroll on and watch sheep graze.

  The place was full of Taiwanese tourists from the city, all eager to see, touch, and feed the sheep. 

Now, maybe it's my Kenyan upbringing, where sheep and goats are pretty much everyday sights even in the city. But the idea of going somewhere and paying money just to watch sheep strikes me as extraordinarily ridiculous!

Still, it was pleasant to walk around in such a lush, green area, especially after weeks of seeing almost nothing but city.

It was a drizzly holiday weekend, and the place was absolutely thronged with people with umbrellas.

I wonder what the sheep show was; we didn't have time to see it.  However, Floyd's enactment of what he thinks a sheep show must be is pretty hilarious!

I have to say that although I would have considered it pointless to go to a farm to watch the sheep, I had a lot of fun watching the tourists watch the sheep!

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